Xmas mini-sessions – what’s it all about?

Professional Xmas mini-sessions at Sarah Preest Photography 

So you’ve booked or thinking of booking a session you probably have a lot of questions, including where is it, what will happen, do I need to bring anything etc etc.Nathaniel staring happy xmas

First things first, I’m Sarah and I love taking pictures (the exact reason I am a photographer) and my daughter, Chloe is also studying photography at college and is as crazy about photography as I am. We love to have fun at our photoshoots, not only does that make us happy but everyone has a good time. Our sessions are very informal, you will often find me laying on the floor or climbing up a ladder to get the best picture possible.

You will receive a disk with 10 high resolution images from your unique session. When you come to the session there will be three sets, one with an Xmas backdrop, one with a backdrop with lights in front and a plain backdrop. You will be photographed in front of each backdrop (unless you don’t want to be and prefer one or two particular backdrops), there will be a number of props that we will bring along for you to have fun with. You are in charge so feel free to tell us what you like or don’t like.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want, although we recommend that you wear plainish clothes as clothes with lots of colours or different patterns can sometimes look very busy. We also recommend that if more than one person is being photographed then there is a theme, such as red tops, or jeans etc.

I know in my house Xmas eve is a wonderful family time so feel free to bring along pj’s if you would like that special night before Xmas photo.

All that being said rules are meant to be broken, so wear whatever you like, it may be you have a favourite top or Xmas jumpers, items like these can make your pictures extra special.

You don’t have to stay in the same outfit for the whole shoot, however, please be aware that we do not have a special changing room and of course a quick change is necessary to make sure we get enough time taking photos.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, we will be bringing props so there will be plenty of things for you to use. However please bring along anything you want. Ideas could include your Xmas Stockings, a special teddy or a hat or even a special bauble, these are great things that will serve as a reminder in years to come.

The only rule here is that there are no rules.

When do I get my pictures?

Your pictures will be given to you within 10days of the session on a disk and will include 10 high resolution images. The images are copy write free so you can use them however you would like.

We can arrange for prints or gifts to be produced for you, an ideas list along with a price list will be available at the shoot, however you are under no obligation to purchase these from us.

Where is it?

We have arranged to hire a couple of local Village Halls, this gives us the extra space to have 3 sets at the same time (something our own studio is simply not big enough for), as well as supporting local communities, the other big bonus is that well behaved pets are more than welcome – after all our pets are also part of the family.

The session being held on Sunday 4 December is being held at Rudston Village Hall.

Marton Lane, Rudston, Driffield, YO25 4UZ



Anything else?

No question is a silly question so feel free to ask anything.


Not yet booked?

No problem just send us a message either through Facebook, email at info@sarahpreestphotography.co.uk or via this website with a preferred date and we will get right back to you.

Most importantly is my mobile number in case you need me 07860829881.

Remember to have fun – we will.

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